June 30, 2015

Velcro...A Teacher's Little Helper!

It's an odd thing, Velcro, that is.  I have to admit I used it like wildfire when I was in the classroom.  I attached Velcro to pencils and then to kids' desks. I used it on the backs of name tags so I could just move the name tag and not the desk!  It is genius!  I often wondered who invented it and why.  Well, here is the short answer taken from a Google search.

Who invented Velcro®?
The Velcro ® brand of hook and loop was invented by a man named George de Mestral in the 1940's while hunting in the Jura mountains in Switzerland. Mr. de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, realized that the tiny hooks of the cockle-burs were stuck on his pants and in his dog's fur and wondered how they attached themselves. Under the scrutiny of the microscope, he observed the hooks engaging the loops in the fabric of his pants. 

Truly man's best friend, the dog, that is!  Ever wonder how it got it's name?  Read on friends...
Where did the word "Velcro" come from?
De Mestral, along with help from friends in the weaving business, finally duplicated mother natures hook and loop fastener in the manufacturing plant. The result of his new invention was Velcro ® brand fasteners, from the French words for velvet "velour", and hook, "crochet".
Interesting...Why can't I think of something like that?  Velcro has definitely change the world for the better and especially if you are a teacher!

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